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Play Online Bingo in Australia 2020

Bingo is a world famous game. But many people associate it with a memory of the past. This is probily due to the fact that in series and films, it is almost always only the very elderly who indulge in bingo. Bingo is an exciting game that can inspire young and old.

A revival for the game of bingo was brought by the Internet. The majority of players are only since bingo can be played online, in the position to try this game of chance. There are almost no public bingo events in Australia, apart from various bingo evenings in old people’s homes.

The internet therefore remains the only place for most players where they can play for real money at bingo around the clock. Variety is provided for internet. So there is a whole range of other bingo game options in addition to all the classic variations, such as bingo with 75 or 90 balls.

The Simple Bingo Rules

The rules of the game of bingo are a bit similar to the traditional lottery. Many balls are mixed in a drum, on which there are numbers, in both games. Online players have the option of choosing to play variations of the game, with the balls being drawn randomly. It is also possible to play bingo in a live casino. Here a moderator can be seen via a webcam pulling the balls out of the drum.

In bingo there are letters as well as numbers – only the right combination wins in each round. In the lottery game, the player has the free choice of which numbers to choose. In bingo, however, the player buys a card and plays with it as it is.

In the drums are the balls with the numbers. The balls are shuffled vigorously after each round by the rotation. The numbers are always drawn as a combination. Each ball therefore contains one letter and one number. As soon as the combination is announced or appears on the screen during online bingo, the card must be checked. The field is marked if the correct number is also in the correct row of letters.

You win as a player if you get at least 5 numbers, whether horizontal or vertical, as one line. In a bingo hall, the player would immediately shout bingo loudly, whereas in online bingo the system automatically recognizes when a player has won. The profit is always cash money in online bingo.

Online Bingo Games versus Land Based Bingo Halls

Making a comparison between conventional bingo halls and modern portals where players can play online bingo may not necessarily be fair or even appropriate. The mood in the gaming community and the whole atmosphere around it may be much more intense and perhaps even more exciting in traditional bingo halls. However, whatever playing options you have as a player, online bingo is much better positioned. On the Internet, the very extensive range of games is definitely convincing.

In bingo, money is perhaps not the most important thing, but it is the real attraction of gambling. The online gambling is worthwhile not least because it is played for real money. In addition, as a online player you get the chance to find a bingo bonus, prize draws or get a free game tickets offer. These are advantages over the local bingo halls. As a new customer, you are usually welcomed by the online providers with an attractive welcome bonus.

An additional advantage for online bingo players is that on some bingo sites you do not have to deposit anything at all. Thus, as a bingo player you benefit from a free bonus and can try out the game of chance without risk. Instanly at the bonus game you can immediately win real money. In the so-called modern bingo halls, various promotions are organized again and again. There you can win luxury trips or great prizes as an enthusiastic player. Loyal players can participate in a VIP program. On the net, you can profit as a soldier of fortune from a number of advantages if you have the intention to play for real money.

The Social Aspects of Online Bingo

We are a lot online, so the social aspects of online bingo cannot be ignored. Since networking allows many people to get together easily, some providers have already managed to organize a modern community.

Thus, as a player you have the opportunity to participate in the linked games, the chat games and team bingo. There you can exchange information with each other or you will simply be informed about exclusive promotions.

Online Bingo offers incredible variations of games. Some providers reward their loyal customers by giving them additional points for the VIP program. There are always various community events where players can meet other members of the community in person in the bingo halls.

Through online bingo you can as a passionate gambler thus meet many nice people. This is because certain initiatives of the player groups often convey a feeling of belonging and a common ground. On the Internet, the most players are relatively young and they often like to make new contacts with like-minded bingo players.

Probably the biggest plus of online bingo is that players can play for money around the clock, seven days a week. This is simply not possible in a classic bingo hall. You can join in varied bingo games, when and as long as you want. The easy features in the online games is also an argument for online bingo. With the help of the functions, the virtual bingo players can easily mark the numbers by system. Thus, you can also enjoy all the social aspects of online bingo without having to miss out on a win.

Exciting Bingo Variations

In the past, there was hardly any really noteworthy or welcome change besides the bingo variants with 90 and 75 balls. The game became a bit sluggish as time went by, as each player had to check the numbers drawn on his tickets meticulously. Even nowadays, as a player in a classic bingo hall, it is often not possible to play with a lot of risk. The prices are fixed for the bingo tickets and of course game variations such as Jackpot Joker Bingo or video are completely missing.

If you partake in as a player in online bingo, then you have an immensely large selection of totally different game variations from the individual providers. The online bingo games go much faster and thus you run as a passionate gambler not risk to suffocate in boredom. The speedy online bingo is fun, and is a round played to the end, you can instantly start other games. There are many rooms on the various bingo sites where you can play for a few cents or even for free. Winnings can be earned here just as well.

Exclusive Welcome Offers

If you have been an online player for a longer period of time, the Internet bingo halls will be happy to welcome you as a new visitor with an exclusive welcome bonus. Away from the bingo games, you can participate in prize draws or even get a free bingo card.

In a classic bingo hall such generous offers are not available. You have to buy a ticket just like everyone else. There is no reduced price on the tickets or other bonuses. If one is unlucky, in the traditional bingo halls one also has to pay a small amount of money for the entrance fee. Therefore, such events are not interesting for young gamblers.

Sometimes new visitors can receive a welcome bonus of over 100 euros. This is a real pleasure, especially since players can get a discount on the purchase of tickets or get a free bingo ticket. Additional winnings can also be won with all the constantly running special games, raffles or bonusses.

The Online Bingo Community Nowadays

In the land-based bingo halls, the average age is normally 65 years. The pensioners gather together and hope for a cheerful, convivial evening. Since the prices at most bingo events are not too phenomenal, the ladies and gentlemen are usually much more concerned with luck per se.

In the modern bingo community, however, online bingo is much more about winning real money. Check out the reviews of bingo sites at Of course, online bingo offers the player much more than just winning money or losing money. The fewest retirees sit at the computer and play with heart and soul chat or video bingo games. Bingo online play mainly young people who have a lot of fun playing games. One gets to know many people from all over the world through online bingo.

The modern bingo halls provide the young players with their own social areas or chat games. As a only player in front of the screen, you have the opportunity to send messages to each other and make concrete appointments with other players.

Innovative Bingo Variants

If you as a player are looking for innovative bingo variations, you can also try out in an online casino for real money bingo games. A bingo variant would be the Joker Jackpot Bingo. Here the numbers are drawn using poker playing cards instead of balls. The aim here is to mark the right cards first.

In the online casinos is also played with pleasure the video bingo. One can find very different games or bingo variants under this name. Thus, the game either resembles a pokie machine or the lottery. In online video bingo, you choose as a player from 80 numbers two or ten numbers. There is a function that relieves the player of the agony of choice. The numbers are chosen at random. Once the bet has been placed, the draw takes place. The more numbers you have correctly selected, the higher the prize.

The Costs are Minimal in Online Bingo

As a player you never have to wait long for a restart. It is possible to try a new round at any time. Impatient players are thus literally given a paradise at their feet. The ticket prices are in addition to the permanent availability in online bingo a great advantage.

The operators have very low costs for their bingo online portal and you can clearly benefit from this. With many other players you have the opportunity to play with just a few cents for wonderful prize money. These minimal costs for the player of course give the additional attraction of participating in online bingo regularly.

In comparison, the costs of online bingo are generally much lower. In local bingo halls, the organizers are usually required to cover the costs of equipment, additional staff and, if necessary, catering. These costs must then be recouped by means of tickets and fixed ticket prices for the participating bingo players.

Play Real Money Bingo on your Smartphone

Many young and older people are closely connected to their smartphone. The appeal of briefly topping up the monthly economic budget on the smartphone is great. With the smartphone it is quite possible to play real money bingo. The only thing you have to make sure is that the selected provider on the net also offers a bingo app or a mobile bingo site for download. If this is the case, online bingo players can call up the corresponding bingo page in the browser on their smartphone. Then you have to register. To do this, you only need the password and the user name.

If the bingo site on the net offers a native app, you must first download the program and then install it immediately. If you do not yet have an account with the provider, it is possible to register via laptop or PC. With the smartphone you can then log in without any problems.

Bingo Odds

Calculating the probabilities of winning at bingo is theoretically very simple. The number of cards you play divided by the absolute number of cards in the game. So if there are 100 cards in the game, and you have four cards of your own, the chances are 4%. The trick is to know how many cards are in play.

However, these probabilities are not valid for the progressive jackpot. In most progressive games there is no guaranteed winner. Therefore, the probability of winning a Prog Jackpot is more dependent on the difficulty of the patterns. The probabilities are so steep in most games that it sometimes takes weeks or months for someone to win.

Everyone also wants to know: What is the most common number? The answer is simple. No single ball has a higher probability of appearing in a game than another (as long as the machines and balls are produced correctly).

Bingo Cards

It is a good idea to buy many cards for one game instead of playing with only one in many games. Of course, you have to spend a lot of money in a single game, but you optimize your chances of being the first with a bingo. If the price or the proceeds are high, you should follow this rule.

Basically you have to say: the player should buy the right kind of card. You can never tell exactly what the “right” card is. It always depends on the location of the game and the session. For most games the big rainbow packs are recommended. In games where you are aiming for a huge jackpot that does not reward the premium cards, the cheapest cards should be the best bet.

Bingo Offers

One must always consider the advantages of offers and discounts. There are countless packages that a player can buy that include multiple cards at lower prices. This is much cheaper than buying cards individually in small packages.

For example, one could also neglect the Rainbow packages and instead focus on large quantities of the lowest cards. In many casinos you can get about two more for free if you buy two packages.

Bingo Playing Field

You should choose a room with few other players. The calculation is simple: The fewer players (i.e. fewer cards used), the greater the chances of winning.

However, the games in which few players participate are usually the ones with the worse winnings. So you have to weigh up: better chances and worse winnings, or better winnings and worse chances?

In some bingo halls, the winnings depend on the number of players. Of course, you never know how many are actually in the game, but the more often and the longer you play bingo, the sooner you will be able to estimate how many are playing.

Here are some hints on how to get closest to this number:

*How many people are in the game?
*You should listen to what other players are buying while you wait in line. You can take a look at the players’ receipts to see how many packages they have bought.
*You should always write down how much you have spent and how much you win per session, per day and per casino.
*If you are about to win but don’t get it, most bingo machines make a sound. If you hear many of these sounds, the competition is usually high.

Also, play at certain times, such as in the morning on weekdays. At this time the number of participants is very low. So avoid playing at peak times, such as weekends, holidays or even in the evening. By the way, you should play when the Cash Ball Jackpot is low. The bigger the Cash Ball Jackpot is, the more competition you will have. However, you will get more value if the Cash Ball Jackpot is as low as possible.

Money Management at Bingo

Bingo is a very entertaining game and very quick to learn. Especially new players, but therefore often throw themselves too quickly into the fun. It is especially important with such simple games of chance to deal with the topic of money management. Because as with all games of chance, the top priority in bingo is never to exceed your financial means. Especially if you don’t have a lavish bankroll at your disposal, it is important to pay attention to your limit and not to exceed it.

Our Final Opinion of Bing Online

Online bingo is a game that is not offered by all casinos. The rules of the game are simple and easy to understand and the time when bingo was considered a game for the older generation is long gone. Bingo is enjoying a growing fan base among Internet casinos, so it is no wonder that there is an attractive selection of corresponding providers. Check our Top-List for the best Casino’s which ALL provide Online Bingo.